Master Plan

Get Involved in the New Master Plan for Brookhaven Park!

The City of Brookhaven has selected GreenbergFarrow to create a master plan for Brookhaven Park by the end of 2015. The City plans to sponsor a series of public meetings beginning in August to solicit feedback from Brookhaven residents on their long term vision for Brookhaven Park. Mayor Rebecca Chase-Williams has appointed a stakeholder committee to serve as a liaison between the public and the firm and to engage the public to attend public meetings on the Park.

The firm is expected to produce a long term master plan in greater detail than the previous master plan process did. It will also create an implementation plan and budget for identified improvements.

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Prior Master Planning Process

In connection with the master planning process for the City’s Parks and Recreation Department that was done in 2014,  Lose & Associates prepared high level conceptual plans for several of the parks, including Brookhaven Park. The City Council approved the conceptual plan subject to removal of the proposed parking area from the Brookhaven Park plan. However, the City recognizes the conceptual nature of the plan and will be seeking additional community feedback as the newly hired firm starts a more detailed and fully vetted plan.

Recommendations in the Lose & Associates plan summary were as follows:

● Develop full master plan to reprogram the park to meet community needs
● Consider alternate entrance from Peachtree Road with dedicated parking for park users
● Enhance visual appeal of park by providing alternate fencing materials along the road frontage and adding landscaping
● Provide new park identification signage consistent with the new city standard
● Provide fenced dog park for off-leash activities
● Increase pedestrian connectivity to offsite residential and commercial properties
● Redevelop community playground area with separate equipment for different age groups
● Provide new rental pavilion with separate restroom facility
● Provide trail route information and directional signage. Repave existing trails as part of near term development.
● Mulch nature trails to reduce erosion and protect tree roots
● Consider infrastructure and spatial relationships necessary for community events and festivals
● Provide invasive species removal program
● Replace all bridges with a new city standard design
● Add irrigation to large turf areas

What do you want in your Park?

Over the next couple of months, the Conservancy will post photos of other parks or features to seek input from the community and stimulate its thinking process on a vision for the Park. See our photo gallery for these features.

Do you have a park or a feature of a park that you like? Please send your ideas and photos to our email and we will try to post a link or photo on our facebook or website to share your ideas.