Come to our Open House and share your ideas on the Park!

Please join Brookhaven Park Conservancy, Inc. for an Open House at Brookhaven Park on Thursday, September 10, 2015, from 6pm-8pm at the Picnic pavilion!

We will be grilling hot dogs and hosting the Brookhaven Park Stakeholder Committee. The Committee members want to hear your ideas on the Master Plan for Brookhaven Park. Bring your family!

Do you have a park or park feature you have seen that you would like others to consider for Brookhaven Park? Email us your photos or a website link and we will post it online and bring it to the Open House. Throughout the past month we have been collecting photos from the community and posting them in our Photo Gallery to inspire creativity and help us develop a vision for the Master Plan for the Park.  Come Thursday and tell us what you think of the ideas!

Below are some questions that GreenbergFarrow has requested your feedback on. Share your views with the Stakeholder Committee members at the Open House!

  • What events (i.e. festivals, tournaments, etc.) would you like to see in the park?
  • What problems do you see in the park?
  • Are there maintenance issues in the park?
  • Are there existing facilities in the park that are not wanted or not used?
  • What new facilities are needed or desired in the park?
  • Are there any safety hazards or issues in the park?
  • Does your organized group use the park? (Please name)
  • Do you consider parking in the park an issue? What you like to see it increased?
  • How do you access the park? (Walk/run, bike or drive?)
  • Are there any security issues in the park?

Thank you for helping us making Brookhaven Park great!

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