GreenbergFarrow Reviews Next Steps for Planning Process

Liz Cole and Mack Cain of GreenbergFarrow, the engineering consulting firm working on Brookhaven’s park master plans, made a presentation at the December 15, 2015, Brookhaven City Council Work Session on the status of the City’s park master plans and what to expect next.

Cole and Cain presented the draft master plans on ten Brookhaven parks that have been shown to the community over the last couple of weeks and made a more detailed presentation on Ashford Park to demonstrate what the remainder of the master plan package for each park would look like. The next step is to complete detailed site drawings based on the draft plans and community feedback. The drawings will be detailed with cost estimates on each proposed feature and an excel spreadsheet will be prepared to summarize total costs for each park. GreenbergFarrow will then combine the individual park cost estimate spreadsheets to create an estimate of the total costs for all the parks. The cost estimates are based on the assumption that all plans are implemented today.

Complete master plan packages on each of the ten parks are expected to be complete by the end of January.

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