Master Planning to commence for Brookhaven Park

The City of Brookhaven recently selected GreenbergFarrow to create master plans for 8 of the City’s parks, including Brookhaven Park. GreenbergFarrow is headquartered in Atlanta and has offices nationwide and abroad. Its Georgia projects include Frederica Park and the Harrington green space in St. Simons, the Vince Dooley Athletic Complex Garden in Athens, and the 14th Street Greenscape in Atlanta.

The firm will create a master plan for each park that will include an implementation plan, budget, and sources of funding for each park.

Mayor Rebecca Chase-Williams appointed stakeholder committees for each park at the City Council meeting on August 11, to help engage the community to attend the public meetings and to provide feedback to the consultants. The firm is expected to conduct individual public meetings for each park as well as three meetings simultaneously with three of the larger parks. As with the prior master plan process, there will be an open house where the community will be invited to look and comment on conceptual plans. All meetings are open to the public, including the stakeholder meetings.

The first meeting will be with Marie Garrett, GreenbergFarrow, and all ten stakeholder groups on August 20 at 6:30pm at City Hall.

Members of the stakeholder committee for Brookhaven Park are:

  • Donna Poseidon
  • Bridget O’Donnell
  • Thad Ellet
  • Mike Elliot
  • Anjie Frias
  • Gayle Sherlag
  • Robert Kamm
  • Kay Woodward
  • Jackson McHenry
  • Jim Dupree
  • Mary Ann Kelly

Information about the meetings will be available on the City’s website ( You can also keep up to date on the City’s news by subscribing to its electronic newsletter on its website ( ).

Check our website to stay informed about the master planning process. We encourage you to participate in the public meetings and share your vision of what you would like to see in your park. Please sign up for our email to receive alerts about the park master planning process. Like us on Facebook!

See our Master Plan page Master Plan page for detail on the conceptual plan done by Lose & Associates in 2014.

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